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Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Mott's Engineering experts

Introducing two more members from the Structural Engineering Section. Number one - Dr Farid. That is how the name should be spelled. Not F.A.R.E.E.D as written in the caricature. Never mind. I hope Dr Farid doesn't mind too. Dr Farid is a Structural Engineer. But sometimes we went to him and said, "Doctor, could you please check my blood pressure? Is it okay? Could you please give me some pills? I have a headache". Dr Farid would then reply, "Excuse me! I'm not a medical doctor. I'm a PhD doctor. I don't know anything about your sickness. But if you have weak or broken bones, I can try to reinforce them with steel bars. Because I am a structural Engineer! Ha ha ha....!!!" And of course, that kind of reply would chase his 'patients' away.

Dr Farid is from Bangladesh. When I first met him, I thought he was a local Malay. So I greeted him with "Apa khabar?" But he didn't answer. After sometimes, I noticed he always speak English with some kind of accents. I then thought he was from India. Until about two months ago, he announced infront of everybody that he was from Bangladesh. Okay, one case closed.

Another person from the Structural Engineering section is Man. Everyone calls him Man. I'm not sure of his full name. Could be RahMAN, RosMAN, OsMAN, AzMAN or AiMAN. Or, could also be HerMAN, PaiMAN, WagiMAN, SudirMAN, ToiMAN or MaskiMAN. Or, maybe SuperMAN, IronMAN, SpiderMAN, BatMAN, or UltraMAN. The secrets of his name still remain a mystery. However, some of us do call him Man Telo. Man is also a funny guy in Mott's office. Ha ha ha MAN...

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