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Friday, September 11, 2015

Former Mott's Mechanical backups

They used to be part of Mott MacDonald's family members. Now, they are somewhere else. Frankly speaking, I still do not know their stories with Mott. I guessed they were loaned by some companies to get some jobs done. Zukri, or we used to call him Comel is the "stickerman". He makes decorative stickers for cars etc. I've seen his work. Quite neat. Impressive. Well, the sticker stuff, of course has nothing to do with Mott.

The other mechanical guy is Fendi, or we sometimes called him Panjang. He's the tallest in the office. Mat salehs not included. Everybody has to look up when talking to him. And he has to look down instead. Funny guy. Ha ha ha... That's it!

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