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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kidz Cabin Concert 2017: Graduation time

Part 4

After Purple Cabin had finished performing, all the children were called to gather on stage for the final presentation. Blue Cabin, Red Cabin, Yellow Cabin, Purple Cabin, all were standing in lines on stage, prepared to sing a medley - How Far I'll Go, Suriram, Aku Negaraku, and Zippidy Doo Dah. Children were singing together in a choir. And some parents sang along to the songs that they knew. All lyrics were printed out in the small booklets distributed to all guests who were present. The hall was full of rhythmic voices and echoes condensing the air in the auditorium (don't know whether I got this expression right? Ha ha...)

Lining up before singing the medley.
Sabriena was waiting for the instruction from the teachers.
Ready to perform.
All the Cabins were on stage.
The little ones stayed in front.
Started off with How Far I'll Go.
Oops! Sorry. Actually they haven't started singing yet.
"Should we sing now?"
"Or should we wait some more?"
"Ok! We just sing-lah."
"We're ready for the next song."
"Sorry, Ram." "We meant Suriram."
Aku Negaraku - but not the national anthem yah?
"I'm going to give a speech for a while."
"Oh people! Hear me!!"
And the final song - Zippidy Doo Dah.
Parents cheered and recorded the show.
Watching, listening and recording attentively.
After all songs have been sung, all dances have been performed, all pretty nice colourful dresses and costumes have been shown off, it was time to reward the children with gifts and prizes.The children must be excited and couldn't wait to queue to get their gifts.

Gifts for Blue Cabin children were given by Puan Adniz Affandi. Gifts for Red Cabin children were given by Puan Shalina Azhar. And gifts for Yellow Cabin children were given by Puan Estee Nordeera Zahari. I wanted to take Sabriena's photo when she was receiving the gift. But Sabriena was moving so fast that I couldn't get the perfect shot that I wanted to take. Never mind-lah.....

Next, slide show of Purple Cabin children which was prepared by Puan Wan Syakirah Anas a.k.a. Ira - one of the partners. The slides showing the children growing up in Kids Cabin with background music - The Climb (Miley Cyrus) was very emotional. But, not like in the previous years, this time around the slides didn't seem to strike my emotion, because I was busy taking photos and paid less attention to what was projected on the screen. Let's wait until next year and see whether I will shed tears or not. Hu hu hu...

The final agenda was of course the Graduation of Purple Cabin children. Certificates and gifts were given by Principal Datin Zarida Kamal to these wonderful children:
Adyl Zikry, Arissa Raisa, Akbar Faiz, Nurul Amani, Azalea Sofea, Aryan Dzarif, Nadya Sabrina, Ryan Thye Ananda, Hassan Ali Rayyan, Jade Alayla, Mohamed Faris, Rauf Harraz, Tengku Mikail Marzuq, Sarah, Wan Malik and Zara.

Before throwing the hats up in the air, the children recited this poem together:

I don't know but I've been told,
Kindergarten made us grow,
We've learned to count, write, and read,
Raise our hands before we speak,
ABCs and 123,
Good behaviour got us treats,
We've tried so hard to make you proud,
We are through with kindergarten!

And then the photography session.


Three Disney characters preparing to give away some prizes and gifts.
Puan Adniz handed gifts to Blue Cabin children.
Gifts for Red Cabin children were distributed by Puan Shalina.
Puan Estee Nordeera giving gifts to Yellow Cabin children.
Sabriena quickly grabbed her gift and walked fast towards her Mama.
Principal Datin Zarida gave away goodies bags to graduates of Purple Cabin.
No one was left out.
Purple Cabin children in excitement.
Bags full of stuffs.
About to recite the compulsory poem.
Suddenly colourful rain fell from the sky.
Offering the hat to one of her fans.
Purple Cabin group photos.
The Graduates!
Parents taking pictures.
Yellow Cabin group photo.
Still Yellow Cabin.
A bit of dabbing here and there.
More of Yellow Cabin.

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