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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kidz Cabin Concert 2017: Colourful presentation

Part 3

Performances by the children of Purple Cabin, Yellow Cabin and Blue Cabin were absolutely amazing. Parents and siblings were so very excited to watch more energetic and colourful performance by their children, brothers and sisters. The next presentation was from the Red Cabin. The children were dressed up as fish, jellyfish, cockle or clam, scuba diver and other sea creatures. They were dancing to the song of Under The Sea (from the movie Little Mermaid). The backdrop, stage props and lighting portrayed the lives under the sea. Audience was required to wear oxygen tank because the auditorium was filled with sea water. Bloop bloop bloop...

The good thing about the concert was that parents were given their turns to sit at the front row to take pictures when their children were performing.

Performance by the Red Cabin.
There were fish, clam and jellyfish in the house.
And a scuba diver searching for a mermaid.
Underwater princesses.
End of show.
The crowd loved it.
After the splashy performance by the Red Cabin, the Purple Cabin children were called again to perform. On stage were Zikry, Akbar, Arissa, Sofea, Aryan, Jade, Ali Rayyan, Nadya, Amani, Faris, Sarah, Rauf, Ryan, Tg Mikail, Wan Malik and Zara. Some were dressed up as The Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, Princess Jasmine, Moana, and other characters which I could not identified.

More time were given to the Purple Cabin children to stay on stage, because this would be their final year with Kidz Cabin. The crowd shouted and applauded to express their joy and appreciation. Bravo children!


The Seven Dwarfs did some digging.
Tired and worn out.
Here came the princesses.
Congregation of the Disney's princesses.
Purple Cabin performing.
Solo recitation.
Princess in pink.
Two dwarfs.
Dancing and singing.
End of show.
Lined up straight.
About to reveal something.
K.I.D.Z. C.A.B.I.N. with an upside down "C". That was funny. And adorable too.
Preparing to take a bow, together.
Oh oh! Here came Jack Sparrow - the Pirate of the Caribbean.
Bell and Jack Sparrow, or Belle and Gaston?
Parents preparing to take more photos of their children.

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