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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kidz Cabin Sports Day 2015: Memorable opening

*WARNING: If you are an English teacher, or you speak English with a lot of dust (cakap English berhabuk), excuse me for the errors in my writing. Oh! My English!

Part 1

24 May 2015 - The Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Khairy Jamaluddin, has expressed many times in the medias about his concerns about the direction of the sports industry in our country. Thus, Sabriena's kindergarten, Kidz Cabin, at Ukay  Heights has taken necessary moves to respond to these needs of producing more worlds class athletes in our country. Sounds big, doesn't it? Yes! Kidz Cabin always produces big stuffs.

Happy to see the banner which was hand painted by me many-many years ago still being used. Thank you teachers!
My niece, Zila who is also one of the teachers in Kidz Cabin with her family.
Attending Fateh.
Kidz Cabin Sports Day was held at Selangor Sikh Union Kelab Aman, Jalan Aman. This year I wasn't one of the committee members. My wife was hospitalised at that time, and I have been very-very busy with work, and many other things. Let the younger and more energetic parents lead the team. After all, sports and youth seemed to be more relevant.

One of my old buddies, Azlan. Got to know him because our sons were in Kidz Cabin many years ago.
Teacher Fatimah preparing some drinks.
I wasn't that enthusiast like the previous years. I came in late that morning. Only Sabriena and I. Just the two of us. My wife wasn't feeling that well. Amier on the other hand was still in bed. I took my camera along to take pictures of the historical event. I had to park quite some distant away from the club. From the location where I parked my car, I had to take three buses and a commuter, and a taxi before I reached the destination. Phew! What a journey. When we arrived, the sports hall was already packed with children, parents and teachers. They were all so vibrant, colourful, happy and cheerful. Not like me and Sabriena. I handed over Sabriena to one of the teachers. And I took my camera from the bag to capture interesting moments I might be witnessing. 

The taekwondo masters will do their stuff in a short while.
Lots of food on the tables. Made me feel very hungry. I could even eat the tables.
Roy said he wants to eat Ngan Yin peanut. That was what the 'good' sign meant.
Teacher Ira messaging Bukit Aman. "Need some traffic policemen to control the children".
Parents showing happy faces.
Waiting for the show to begin.
"You must be the one everybody was talking about!'
They were not gossiping, just complaining about the GST.
Support to the green belted daughter.
More guests at the sports day.
Couldn't wait for the children to march in.
Hakim was telling some stories about his childhood experiences.
Put your heads in the holes, and you'll become a rock star.
The nicely decorated stage.
A father and a son.
Final motivational talk before the game began.
Since I didn't bring my wife with me, I felt a bit like "off line monkey". Kah kah kah! What I meant was feeling out of place, or  like the Malay saying - "kera sumbang". I only knew few people, namely Azlan, Hakim dan Roy. And well, some other parents too, whom I did not know their names. Luckily, I got my camera as my companion. "How are you Mr Camera?" "Fine, thank you". "Let's go click some pictures!" And so we went wandering the sports hall and acted like professional photographers.

To be continued...

"I want to answer the question!"
Everyone was quite nervous.
Teacher Datin Zarida expressed her concerns about the local badminton future after Datuk Lee Chong Wei era. Teacher Yaya (also my niece) pondered with agreement.
A proud parent.
Aida was also there.
Emcees for the day.
Teacher Yaya and Saleh - my niece and nephew.

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